Moss Amps began when Maurice "Moss" Gelinas started gutting old hammond organs and rebuilding them into guitar amplifiers for personal entertainment. Being the type of guy that reads dictionaries to remedy boredom and repairs washers and dryers 15 times before sucking it up and replacing them, this was nothing new.

Soon Maurice started buying up dead, vintage guitar amps and restoring them back to working order.

Then one day a friend’s amp died and he needed to borrow one for an upcoming gig. So Maurice lent him an old (insert brand name here) head that had been gutted and redone, and repaired his broken one. After using Maurice's amp there was simply no going back to his (insert brand name here) amp.

This is when we realized that building guitar amps was something that needed to be pursued.

Four years later, Moss Amps is already gaining recognition among peers and popular artists alike.





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