- Frequently Asked Questions -

What does the warranty cover? Moss Amplifiers are covered under a warranty, If you purchase or use any of our amplifiers outside the market they were intended for or tamper with the amplifier in any way, your warranty will be immediately invalidated and all repairs (parts and labor) will be your responsibility. Limited 2 year warranty: New Moss Amplifiers are warrantied to the original purchaser against failure of parts/materials and workmanship if purchased through an authorized dealer for a period of 2 (two) years. No other warranty applies. Tubes, transformers and speakers are warrantied for a period of ninety days. This warranty applies only if the amplifier has not been damaged by accident, misuse or as a result of repair or modification. The use of non-authorized tubes (including unmatched or incorrect tubes - i.e. 6550 in place of 6L6) and replacement parts may void this warranty. MOSS reserves the right to make any design changes without notice or obligation to incorporate these changes in products previously purchased.

Return Authorization is required for all products returned to Moss Amps. All shipping costs to/from Moss are the owners responsibility, after 90 days of purchase. Moss will be responsible for the factory-to-customer return shipping cost to the original owner for only the first 90 days of ownership. Authorized Returns should be well packaged, if you have any concerns regarding packaging or obtaining proper materials please email is directly at info@mossamps.com. A return packing/handling charge may be applied to any product shipped to Moss in sub-standard or damaged shipping box and materials. This is to make sure your amplifier is packaged safely in a new box and to recover our costs for doing so. A copy of the final Sales Receipt from an Authorized Moss Dealer is required for all warranty related repairs. Moss Amps is not responsible for loss from theft, fire or flood damage or other acts of god. Amps left over 6 months will be sold to recover costs incurred.

What kind of tubes? Is a biasing neccesary? When replacing output tubes in your Moss Amplifier- Matched tubes must be used. Although even matched tubes are often not perfect - it is always highly recommended you get your bias checked by a qualified repair technician, even on "Fixed" bias amplifiers.

Return Policy - All items purchased through our webstore are offered a 30 day return period. In order to start the return process - please email us for a return authorization at info@mossamps.com. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. Moss Amps holds the right to refuse any return at our discretion due to damage or misuse. Any items deemed "personalized" (i.e. custom acrylic engravings) may not be eligable for return. Items purchased through an authorized dealer will be subject to their return policies.




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